Free market creates entrepreneurial initiative. Centre for Public Policy and Economic Analysis (CEA) is Croatian free market think tank founded in 2010.

Vision for quality living

Free market delivers solutions for entrepreneurial initiative

Mission to push things forward

Enhancing to remove resistants in order to increase freedom of value creators


Focus: Investors, business angels, independent entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs, start-ups, digital, entrepreneurs, new business models, innovators, professional and business services sector, retailers.

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CEA’s role:

Partnership with entrepreneurs (project “Entrepreneurial Initiative”)

Providing policy analysis (serious, precise and rational approach to solutions)

Comparative public policy (what can Croatia learn from others?)

Designing policy innovations (for competitive advantage)


CEA will do it!

Collecting information on public policy needs for opening market opportunities

Informing on sound policy reforms from other countries

Defining the quality standards for New public management

Develop quality mindset able to bring change

Providing free market solutions


Policy focus for Croatia and the European Union:

Limited government spending on max. 30% of GDP

Tax cuts and flat tax 15%

Zero-based budgeting

Education, health care and social care vouchers

New public management with quality standards

Strong national security within the North Atlantic alliance

Open and controlled dual immigration within strong law and order

Individual liberty and basic rights


Supported by:

Atlas Economic Research Foundation and Lithuanian Free Market Instititute

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for freedom

Part of the Economic Freedom Network (partner with Fraser Institute)


Support free market in Croatia. 

Let’s launch what entrepreneurs need.

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Free market creates entrepreneurial initiative. 

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