Croatian public policy think tank Centre for Public Policy and Economic Analysis (CEA) strongly advocates individual liberty, free market reforms, EU & NATO enlargement, as well as transatlantic and global security alliance of democratic countries. Accordingly, CEA stands for the new global order based on freedom and democracy, which will provide institutional support for security, free market reforms and enlightened open societies.

Mission for freedom and quality

We see a hidden potential of each individual to work on self improvement. By working on our freedom and quality, we can make ourselves better, and contribute our communities and the whole world. CEA’s mission is to be among frontrunners in discovering the light of freedom and designing high quality solutions.

Focus on policy analysis and research

In order to advocate fact based policies, CEA is gathering information to design policy analysis and research in the areas of economic policy, public management, global security and geopolitics. CEA supports multidisciplinary approach of its political scientists (policy analysts and public management experts), (macro)economists, lawyers, sociologists and other (potential) experts. Moreover, CEA provides policy analysis for portals Ekonomski Lab, Pametni gradovi,, 4, Atlas Network, and

Key projects

CEA’s strategic projects are Croatia 2025 and Detektor. Croatia 2025 provides concrete and measurable public management and economic reform solutions for more competitive Croatia, while Detektor provides open-source intelligence of populist disinformation that represent a growing geopolitical security risk for liberal democracy in Croatia and the EU & NATO led transatlantic institutions, as well as for the whole global community of democracies.

In particular, CEA is working on new research concerning the geopolitical risks of disinformation for the transatlantic (EU & NATO) institutions, while its previous analysis includes
Populist Conspiracy Narratives and Other Forms of Disinformation in Croatia
Overview of the Russian disinformation narratives

Dezinformacije se najbolje šire kroz populizam
Postoji li kriza liberalne demokracije?

CEA’s first project Entrepreneurial Initiative was focused on publishing its first book on entrepreneurship friendly policies and translating Atlas Network’s books Morality of Capitalism & After the Welfare State. CEA organized several policy roundtables and lectures on policy topics which include saving public money, quality in public administration, government’s role in the economy, bureaucratic obstacles to investment climate, Eurozone crisis and flexicurity model.

CEA’s current international think tank network includes Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, European ValuesFraser Institute, The Coalition for a World Security CommunityLibertarian Club, Texas Public Policy Foundation, Atlas Economic Research FoundationLithuanian Free Market Institute, Timbro, and Hayek Institute.

CEA participated in several think tank seminars, including the following: European Values (Prague) – training on disinformation activities within Kremlin Watch project; Southern Methodist University (Dallas) – Economic Freedom Network; Atlas Economic Research Foundation (New York) – Think Tank Leadership Training and Liberty Forum; Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Vilnius) – European Academy for Intellectual Entrepreneurs, Think-tank school; Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Tbilisi) – International Security of South Caucasus, NATO, and EU Perspectives; Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Gummersbach) – International Academy for Leadership; Libertarian Club (Belgrade), Svetilnik (Ljubljana) – Free Market Road Show; Institute for Economic Studies Europe (Aix-en-Provence) – Understanding the Current Crisis to find our Way Out.


President: Petar Vušković; Vice Presidents: Daniel Hinšt and Milan Deskar Škrbić


CEA has been financed by member contributions, project based grants and individual donations.

Support and contact us

Centar za javne politike i ekonomske analize; Brkljačićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb
IBAN: HR7724840081105650650 / SWIFT: RZBHHR2XXXX; Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Magazinska 69, 10000 Zagreb

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