Croatia Public Policy Think Tank

Croatia public policy think tank Centre for Public Policy and Economic Analysis helps to bring the light of freedom and fact-based policymaking. Accordingly, CEA’s mission is to be the Croatian frontrunner in advocating secure, free, and competitive transatlantic institutions. Moreover, the CEA encourages comparative policy learning from developed countries.


In line with that vision and mission, Croatia public policy think tank CEA works on strengthening the moral virtues of free and hard-working individuals. Accordingly, CEA strongly supports the fundamental values of natural rights and individual liberty, especially religious and economic freedomAll this is important for building a resilient democratic political culture.

Equally important, CEA’s main objective is to advance policy analysis focused on the further expansion of the EU and NATO and the strengthening of defense and the transatlantic partnership. In addition, CEA strongly supports the rule of law, free market, entrepreneurial initiative, privatizations, limited government, and New Public Management. Finally, CEA stands firmly in support of safe and controlled immigration and law and order.


Consequently, Croatia public policy think tank would be considered neo-conservative in the US, Whig in the UK, and conservative liberal or liberal-conservative in the EU. On the other hand, CEA is opposed to progressive-left, alt-right, and totalitarian ideologies.


Regarding key projects, Think Tank Detektor detects populist disinformation as geopolitical risks associated with Russian, Chinese, and Iranian influence. In this regard, CEA stands firmly with Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel, and other countries struggling with repressive regimes.

Also, Croatia 2025 provides measurable public management and institutional reforms in Croatia.

That way, CEA contributes to the Croatian public policy process with important intelligence to support mitigating key structural and geopolitical risks.


Moreover, CEA has published translations of the books Morality of Capitalism and After the Welfare State and organized several round tables and panels. The last one was the panel on 300 years of Adam Smith.


Furthermore, CEA delivers precise solutions based on critical thinking, and a deep understanding of complex problems. Because of that, CEA supports the important competitive advantages of human intelligence against AI.

Moreover, CEA’s work is based on the expertise of its political scientists, economists, lawyers, historians, sociologists, philosophers, and public relations experts. In particular, CEA combines multidisciplinary expertise in the areas of public policy, public affairs, public management, geopolitics, international relations, political economy, macroeconomics, law, intellectual history, religion and politics, political sociology, and classical liberal philosophy.

Regarding particular thinkers, CEA is primarily close to Niall Ferguson, Samuel Huntington, Max Weber, Friedrich Naumann, Adam Smith, John Locke, John Milton, John Stuart Mill, Friedrich von Hayek, Talcott Parsons, American Founding Fathers, etc.

Think tank collaboration

So far, CEA has provided policy analysis for portals Ekonomski Lab, Pametni gradovi4, Atlas Network, and

Furthermore, CEA has built a network of international collaborations with the following western think tanks:
The Bertelsmann Foundation, Texas Public Policy Foundation, Atlas Economic Research Foundation (United States),
Warsaw InstituteCentre for International Relations and Liberte! Foundation (Poland),
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (Germany),
Council on Geostrategy and Adam Smith Institute (UK),
Fraser Institute (Canada),
Timbro (Sweden),
Centre for European Perspective (Slovenia),
European Values Center for Security Policy (Czechia), and
Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Lithuania).


Also, as a sign of support and sharing of common values, individual members of the Center donated the Adam Smith Institute, the Warsaw Institute, Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute.

Think thank leadership

President: Matej Hittner
Vice Presidents: Daniel Hinšt and Igor Šlosar
Other members of the Executive Board: Goran VojkovićMarko PerićMatija Horvat and Igor Sokolar
Other members: Petar Vušković, Emil Pavić, Marija Lalin, Petar Šarić, Adrijan Štivić, Matija Magerl, Mario Guvo, Branimir Barišić, Ivor Altaras Penda, Magdalena Pavelić Hinšt and Marijana Babić

Regarding formalities, the City of Zagreb administration registered the Centre for Public Policy and Economic Analysis as an association on December 27, 2010, based on the founding assembly from November 20. In particular, CEA’s registration number in the Croatian Register of Associations (Registar udruga) is 21008165.

Support the Croatian public policy think tank

Membership fees, contributions, and research and project grants represent CEA’s sources of funding.

Indeed, the Croatian public policy think tank depends on your support. Therefore, you can support CEA with your donation.

Centar za javne politike i ekonomske analize, Brkljačićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb

IBAN: HR7724840081105650650 / SWIFT: RZBHHR2X
Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Magazinska 69, 10000 Zagreb


Finally, you can follow and contact the Croatian public policy think tank


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