Free market creates entrepreneurial initiative. Centre for Public Policy and Economic Analysis advocates more competitiveness and economic freedom. CEA works to:

  • gather data and provides research (think thank analytics)
  • provide comparative policy analysis (learning from others)
  • create geopolitical analysis (the basis for everything)
  • design pathways for more competitive Croatia 2025 (fitness solutions)

Croatia 2025 project provides answers how free market creates entrepreneurial initiative. In brief CEA advocates public policy reforms focused on the following areas:

  • Free market order (Ordoliberalism)
  • Sound money and price stability
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Low tax burden
  • Less red-tape and bureaucracy
  • Market standards for New Public Management
  • Free choice of insurances and support for needy
  • Free choice vouchers for education, health and welfare
  • Labour market flexicurity
  • Privatisations of public companies
  • Dual education and digital skills development
  • EU reform towards market solutions and more Member State’s competencies
  • Protection of basic rights on life, liberty and property
  • Freedom of consciousness, thought and expression
  • Sexual liberties of every individual
  • Sustainable immigration integrated within constitutional order of individual liberty
  • Strong work ethic and individual responsibility
  • Rule of law and limited government
  • Transatlantic security through NATO and partial national security outsourcing
  • EU&NATO eastern enlargement

CEA Think Tank Detektor project gathers open source information which can contribute education of Croatian and broader public about geopolitical risks and examples of growing disinformation activities. Detection of those hybrid activities is vital since they have been focused on weakening fundamental values of individual liberty, European Union and NATO alliance.

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