Operation Atlantic Resolve for European freedom

Operation Atlantic Resolve for European freedom is the U.S. Army’s biggest operation for offering safety and peace. In doing so, it is also considered as obligation pursuant to NATO’s Article 5. Russian occupation of parts of Ukraine served as a reason for doing so. Safety risks are much larger. Reasons for ever bigger American presence in Europe are increased fears of Baltic and Eastern European nations due to aggressive policies of Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian regime. That is why Operation Atlantic Resolve offers answers. Sweden is arming itself and U.S. marines are already organizing military trainings with Norwegian soldiers.

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria have already hosted American battalions. There are also battalions of NATO members, especially Norway, Denmark and Germany, stationed in Baltic countries. Croatia is sending its battalion to Lithuania as a solidarity contribution to the safety of Europe.

Operation “Atlantic Resolve” is being financed from the “European Reassurance Initiative” 2014 program which is a support to Europe through ground, naval and air forces. Military equipment mostly comes via Northern German port Bremerhaven. U.S. soldiers are providing high-quality support in joint trainings which have already been intensively commenced. The arrival of U.S. troops and equipment is expected to continue.

Operation “Atlantic Resolve” has the support of major political parties of Eastern Europe – not just from conservatives, Christian democrats and liberals, but also from social democrats. Radical leftists, radical right parties and green parties oppose this operation.

In 2015 U.S. Army organized the Dragoon Ride operation, wherein they went with tank through the Eastern Europe and Germany. Many Europeans then came on streets and greeted U.S. soldiers.

Operation “Atlantic Resolve” confirms the importance of Croatian initiative Adriatic-Baltic-Black Sea, in effort of strengthening strategic partnership of Europe in defense of freedom. In the last century Eastern Europe has experienced difficult consequences of Nazi and communist occupation. The fall of communism has brought strong liberalization of economy and society, up to the membership in EU and NATO, but also up to the new Russian vibrations.

More information about the operation “Atlantic Resolve” is brought by General Ben Hodges.